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Thanks for choosing Wingware's Wing IDE! This manual will help you get started and serves as a reference for the entire feature set.

The manual is organized by major functional area of Wing IDE, including customization, project manager, source code editor, search/replace features, refactoring, diff/merge, source code browser, python shell, OS commands tool, unit testing, debugger, version control, source code analysis, PyLint integration, and scripting and extending Wing IDE.

Several appendices provide trouble-shooting assistance, document the key bindings & command set, provide pointers to resources and tips for Wing and Python users, and list the full software license.

The rest of this chapter describes how to install and start using Wing IDE. See also the quick start guide and tutorial.

Please note that the entire content of this manual is also available within Wing IDE through the Help menu. That form includes links into Wing's functionality and can be more convenient to use.

Section Contents

1.0. Product Levels
1.1. Licenses
1.2. Supported Platforms
1.3. Supported Python versions
1.4. Technical Support
1.5. Prerequisites for Installation
1.6. Installing Wing IDE
1.7. Running Wing IDE
1.8. Installing your License
1.9. User Settings Directory
1.10. Upgrading
   1.10.0. Migrating From Older Versions
   1.10.1. Fixing a Failed Upgrade
1.11. Installation Details and Options
   1.11.0. Linux Installation Notes
   1.11.1. Remote Display on Linux
   1.11.2. Installing Extra Documentation
   1.11.3. Source Code Installation
1.12. Backing Up and Sharing Settings
1.13. Removing Wing IDE
1.14. Command Line Usage