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Product Levels

This manual is for the Wing IDE Professional product level of the Wing IDE product line, which currently includes Wing IDE Professional, Wing IDE Personal, and Wing IDE 101.

Wing IDE Professional is the full-featured Wing IDE product, and may be licensed for commercial or non-commercial uses. Wing IDE Personal is for non-commercial use only and contains a subset of the features found in Wing IDE Professional. Both products are commercial products for sale from our website; Wing IDE Personal is not a free download.

Wing IDE 101 is a heavily scaled back IDE that was designed for teaching entry level computer science courses. It is free to download and use for educational and personal use.

Wing IDE Professional, Wing IDE Personal, and Wing IDE 101 are independent products and may be installed at the same time on your system without interfering with each other.

For a list of features in each product level, please refer to http://wingware.com/wingide/features.

Product Levels