Wingware Early Access Program


Wingware's Early Access Program lets you try out new versions of Wing while they are still under development. You can participate in this program simply by downloading and using the early releases of Wing.

Now Available: Wing - Release Candidate 1

The first release candidate for Wing 7 is now available. The IDE is stable and usable for real work and we expect to move Wing 7 out of the early access program soon.

Please try it and email us if you find any problems!

About Wing 7

Wing 7 is a major new release of Wingware's family of Python IDEs. Our focus in Wing 7 was to improve the code warnings system; add better ways to view arrays, data frames, and other types of data in the debugger; support PEP 3134 chained exceptions; improve bookmarking; improve support for high DPI displays on Windows and Linux; and introduce a more flexible update manager.

See What's New in Wing 7 for details.

Changes in

  • Fix inspecting huge arrays and allocate more space in the array viewer
  • Fix adding huge values to the Watch tool
  • Fix failure to Step Into in some cases
  • Fix vi insert mode jj and jk
  • Fix analysis issues with type hints, dict literals, and dataclass fields
  • Improve merging of analysis when both *.pyi and *.py files are present
  • Fix rename refactoring
  • Fix reformatting a whole file for PEP8
  • Fix Timeout- key bindings
  • Rename the Debug Probe to Debug Console
  • Make about 10 other bug fixes and minor improvements

See the change log for details.

Incompatible Changes

Wing 7 makes some changes worth noting for users of earlier versions. For example, we have dropped support for Python 2.5 and 3.2 on all OSes and we have dropped support for all 32-bit Python versions on OS X. In addition, drag and drop in the Project tool now moves files rather than copying them, and the default number of non-sticky editors has been increased to five.

A detailed list of other more minor incompatible changes can be found in Migrating from Older Versions.


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Bug Reports and Feedback

Please submit bug reports or feedback on early releases to or from Wing's Help menu.