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If you are upgrading within the same minor version number of Wing (for example from 5.0 to 5.0.x) this will replace your previous installation. Once you have upgraded, your previous preferences and settings should remain and you should immediately be able to start using Wing.

If you are upgrading across major releases (for example from 4.1 to 5.0), this will install the new version along side your old version of Wing.

New major releases of Wing will read and convert any existing Wing preferences, settings, and projects. Projects should be saved to a new name for use with the new major release since they cannot be read by earlier versions.

To install an upgrade, follow the steps described in Installing

Compatibility Notes

The following compatibility notes may be useful to users of earlier versions of Wing IDE:

  • File Sets from Wing IDE 4 are now called File Filters. File Sets in Wing 5 are a new feature for creating named sets of files.
  • Auto-editing is on by default except for auto-entering spaces and block management with the colon key
  • Preferences and some menus have been reorganized
  • File Properties have changed to make use of Launch Configurations
  • OS Commands has been redesigned to use Named Entry Points and Launch Configurations.
  • The Python Shell now starts with current directory set according to the project or main debug file configuration
  • A few key bindings have changed
  • Accelerators may have changed from Wing 4 and are no longer available on OS X because Qt follows Mac user interface guidelines, except when the Display Style preference is used to select non-native display
  • More project data is stored in the shared branch of two-file projects (such as Python Path and OS Commands settings)
  • Support for Python < 2.5 has been dropped
  • New projects created with Wing Pro are always shared (two file) projects. Only the .wpr file should be checked into revision control.
  • For other compatibility details, see the Changes sections of the Change Log on the downloads page.

Section Contents

1.10.0. Migrating from older versions of Wing
1.10.1. Fixing a Failed Upgrade