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Pro Only

Wing Pro requires a separate license for each developer working with the product. For the end user license agreement, see the Software License.

License Activation

To run for more than 10 minutes, Wing Pro requires activation of a time-limited trial or permanent purchased license. Time-limited trials last for 10 days and can be renewed two times, for a total or 30 days.

Purchased licenses come with ten activations per year by default and additional activations can be obtained from the self-serve license manager or by emailing sales at wingware.com. As a fall-back in cases of emergency where we cannot be contacted and you don't have an activation, Wing Pro will run for 10 minutes at a time without any license at all, or a trial license can be used until any license problem is resolved.

See Installing Your License for more information on obtaining and activating licenses.

How Activation Works

An activation ties the license to the machine through a series of checks of the hardware connected to the system. This information is never transmitted over the internet. Instead an SHA hash of some of the values is passed back and forth so that the machine will be identifiable without us knowing anything specific about it.

The machine identity metrics used for activation are designed to be forgiving so that replacing parts of your machine's hardware or upgrading the machine will usually not require another activation. By the same token, activating multiple times on the same machine (for example if the activation file is lost) usually does not increase your activation count.