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Linux Installation Notes

On Linux, Wing can be installed from RPM, Debian package, or from tar archive. Use the latter if you do not have root access on your machine or wish to install Wing somewhere other than /usr/lib/wingide5. Be sure to use the 64-bit packages if you are on a 64-bit system.

Installing from RPM:

Wing can be installed from an RPM package on RPM-based systems, such as RedHat and Mandriva. To install, run rpm -i wingide5-5.1.12-1.amd64.rpm as root or use your favorite RPM administration tool to install the RPM. Most files for Wing are placed under the /usr/lib/wingide5 directory and the wing5.1 command is placed in the /usr/bin directory.

Installing from Debian package:

Wing can be installed from a Debian package on Debian, Ubuntu, and other Debian-based systems.

To install, run dpkg -i wingide5_5.1.12-1_amd64.deb

as root or use your favorite package administration tool to install. Most files for Wing are placed under the /usr/lib/wingide5 directory and the wing5.1 command is placed in the /usr/bin directory.

It may be necessary to install some dependencies before the installation will complete, as requested by dpkg. The easiest way to do this is sudo apt-get -f install -- this installs the missing dependencies and completes the configuration step for Wing's package.

Installing from Tar Archive:

Wing may also be installed from a tar archive. This can be used on systems that do not use RPM or Debian packages, or if you wish to install Wing into a directory other than /usr/lib/wingide5. Unpacking this archive with tar -zxvf wingide-5.1.12-1-amd64-linux.tar.gz will create a wingide-5.1.12-1-amd64-linux directory that contains the wing-install.py script and a binary-package.tar file.

Running the wing-install.py script will prompt for the location to install Wing, and the location in which to place the executable wing5.1. These locations default to /usr/local/lib/wingide and /usr/local/bin, respectively. The install program must have read/write access to both of these directories, and all users running Wing must have read access to both.

Debugging 32-bit Python on 64-bit Systems

On a 64-bit system where you need to debug 32-bit Python, you will need to install the 32-bit version of Wing. This version can also debug 64-bit Python.

Installing the 32-bit version of Wing may require installing some compatibility packages as follows:

On 64-bit Ubuntu and Debian systems, you need to first install the 32 bit compatibility libraries. This is the ia32-libs package on Ubuntu. Then install the 32-bit Wing with the command dpkg -i --force-architecture --force-depends wingide5_5.1.12-1_.i386.deb The package contains what you need to run your debug process with 64-bit Python but Wing itself runs as a 32-bit application.

On CentOS 64-bit systems, installing the libXtst.i386 package with yum provides the necessary 32 bit support.

On Arch linux, the necessary package is instead named lib32-glibc.

Linux Installation Notes