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Source Code Editor

Wing IDE's source code editor is designed to make it easier to adopt the IDE even if you are used to other editors.

Key things to know about the editor
  • The editor has personalities that emulate other commonly used editors such as Visual Studio, VI/Vim, Emacs, and Brief.
  • Context-appropriate auto-completion, goto-definition, and code index menus are available when working in Python code
  • The editor supports a wide variety of file types for syntax colorization.
  • Key mappings and many other behaviors are configurable.
  • The editor supports folding for some file types

Section Contents

4.0. Syntax Colorization
4.1. Right-click Editor Menu
4.2. Navigating Source
4.3. File status and read-only files
4.4. Transient, Sticky, and Locked Editors
4.5. Auto-completion
4.6. Source Assistant
   4.6.0. Docstring Type and Validity
   4.6.1. Python Documentation Links
   4.6.2. Working with Runtime Type Information
   4.6.3. Source Assistant Options
4.7. Auto-editing
4.8. Multiple Selections
4.10. File Sets
4.11. Code Snippets
4.12. Indentation
   4.12.0. How Indent Style is Determined
   4.12.1. Indentation Preferences
   4.12.2. Indentation Policy
   4.12.3. Auto-Indent
   4.12.4. The Tab Key
   4.12.5. Checking Indentation
   4.12.6. Changing Block Indentation
   4.12.7. Indentation Manager
4.13. Folding
4.14. Brace Matching
4.15. Support for files in .zip or .egg files
4.16. Keyboard Macros
4.17. Notes on Copy/Paste
4.18. Auto-reloading Changed Files
4.19. Auto-save

Source Code Editor