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Source Assistant

The Source Assistant tool (in Wing IDE Personal and Wing IDE Professional) can be used to display additional information about source symbols in the editor, auto-completer, and tools such as the Project, Search in Files, Python Shell, Debug Probe, and Source Browser.

The display will include links to the point of definition of the selected symbol, the symbol's type (when available) and a link to the type's point of definition. Depending on context and symbol type, the Source Assistant will also display relevant docstrings, call signature, return type, super-classes, overridden methods.

When invoking a function or method, the Source Assistant will display information both for the callable being invoked and the current argument or item in the auto-completer.

Section Contents

4.6.0. Docstring Type and Validity
4.6.1. Python Documentation Links
4.6.2. Working with Runtime Type Information
4.6.3. Source Assistant Options

Source Assistant