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Wing Pro supports named bookmarks that can be set and accessed from the Source menu and the key bindings shown there, and with Toggle Bookmark in the editor context menu. Defined bookmarks are listed in the Bookmarks tool and are shown with a background color change or underline on the editor. The style and color of bookmark indicators can be changed with the Bookmark Style and Bookmark Color preferences.

Bookmark names are global to the project and refer to a particular position within a selected file:

  • For Python files, bookmarks are defined relative to the enclosing scope (method, class, or function), so changes before the line where the bookmark is located will not cause the bookmark's relative position in source code to be changed, even if those changes are made outside of Wing. Edits made outside of Wing that affect the code between the anchoring scope and the bookmarked line will cause a bookmark's position to slip.
  • For all other types of files, bookmarks are defined simply by file name and line number. If the file is edited outside of Wing, the bookmark's position may appear to slip.

When navigating to a bookmark from the Source menu or key binding, Wing will present a dialog or entry area at bottom of the screen (depending on editor personality) into which the bookmark name can be typed. A list of possible completions will be displayed. Pressing tab will select the currently highlighted completion.

A list of defined bookmarks is available in the Bookmarks tool, which is available from the Tools menu. Right click on an entry for a context menu of operations for the selected bookmark or bookmarks. Multi-selection is possible by holding down the shift and/or control keys. Double clicking or middle mouse clicking will navigate to the selected bookmark.

When the Bookmarks tool has focus, keyboard navigation is possible with the arrow keys and by typing letters to move quickly to a particular bookmark. Enter can then be pressed to navigate to the selected bookmark.

When bookmarks are defined in the current editor file, then Wing will add a bookmark icon to the top right of the editor. Clicking on this will pop up a menu of the bookmarks in the current file.

Traversing bookmarks (within the current file or within all files) is also possible with the Traverse Bookmarks sub-menu in the Source menu and the key bindings shown there.

In VI mode, the standard m and \` plus key bindings are supported, in addition to the operations in the Source menu, which allow for the definition of bookmarks with names longer than one character.

Emacs, Brief, and other key bindings also support bookmarks.