Opening, Creating, and Closing Files

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Opening Files

Files can be opened into the editor from the File menu, the toolbar, or by selecting them from the Project tool.

Open From Keyboard in the File menu provides a keyboard-driven way to navigate the disk in order to open files. The command works in a temporary input area at the bottom of the window. Typing shows a completer with possible directory and file names. Tab selects a completion and Enter opens the file.

See also File Sets, which makes it easy to name and open sets of files as a group.

Creating Files

Files can be created from the File menu, the toolbar, or from the Project tool as described in Creating, Renaming, and Deleting Files.

Switching Between Files

The Window menu and the tabs at the top of the editor can be used to switch between open files. If Hide Editor Tabs is selected in the options drop down at the top right of the editor, then the tabs are replaced with a menu at the top left of the editor, to navigate among the currently open files.

Open From Project in the File menu quickly switches to any project file, whether already open or not, using a fragment of the file name.

Closing Files

Open files can be closed from the File menu or with the close icon in the top right of the editor area.

In Wing Personal and Wing Pro, the Open Files tool in the Tools menu makes it easy to close a selected set of files. Right-click on the Open Files tool to Close Selected or Close Others.