Fixing a Failed Upgrade

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If an upgrade installed via Check for Updates causes problems, Wing can be reverted to the earlier installed version from the About box. If Wing won't start, use the command line option --disable-updates to start Wing without loading the update and then revert to the desired version.

A corrupted installation, resulting in random or bizarre behaviors and crashing, may be fixed by completely uninstalling Wing and manually removing any remaining files before installing again.

If this does not solve the problem, the ide.log file in User Settings may contain clues to the problem. Or try moving aside that directory while Wing is not running and then start Wing again. If this solves it, try restoring files from the old settings directory one by one to find the broken file. Files that could cause problems if corrupted include default.wpr, license.act*, preferences and recent*.

If you encounter any problems with an update, please email or submit a bug report from Wing's Help menu so we can try to fix the problem for you.