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"Best Python IDE"

Anthony Floyd

"The debugger and code navigation tools are some of the best features in Wing Pro. It is very easy to trace problems through complicated code. It is easy to jump to areas of code that you need to find. The editor is theme-able and many of our team work in 'dark mode' -- but not everyone. The support is also great. Issues get responded to quickly and fixes pushed within days.

We are a specialized engineering company that writes desktop applications for engineers to perform process simulation and related data analysis. We have been using Wing Pro for the past decade with a small team of developers. We could not be happier with the product and the support!"

-- Anthony Floyd, Engineering Lead at Convergent Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.

"I highly recommend Wing Pro"

Ram Rachum

"I've been using Wing Pro as my main development environment for 10 years now.

I'm a big fan of Wing. I've used it for my open-source projects, my client projects when I was working as a freelancer, and now I use it at my work in a corporate environment. I do Python programming almost exclusively, so its Python-centric approach is a good fit for me.

The debugger is first-class. It works on multi-process, multi-thread programs. You have your breakpoints, watches, step commands and everything you can expect from a modern debugger. Remote debugging is supported, which is especially crucial in a corporate environment, where you're debugging code that runs on different machines. They've recently added advanced features like recursive debugging, which helped me do some deep troubleshooting at my job.

The editor is great. It's got VI and emacs mode and it's extensible with scripts. It has lots of useful tools (like showing documentation, refactoring, diffing, Python shell, etc.) which I spread across 2 big monitors.

The support staff is great. I've made many suggestions and requests for improvement to them over the years, and they've implemented many of them. Bugs are fixed quickly.

Overall, I highly recommend Wing Pro!"

-- Ram Rachum, Python consultant and open-source developer


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Customer Quotes

"The best Python IDE. And I have tried them all!" -- Ahmed Ali

"Your IDE is far superior to PyCharm" -- James P. Gibbs

"I came back to Wing having used PyCharm for a year or two. Wing appears to be much faster and just a bit more logical in its layout. The extremely good vim emulation is also a factor in my choice." -- Dermot Doran

"The debugger just works, and it works well." -- Joshua J. Kugler

"Serious Python developers should take a serious look at Wingware's Python IDE" -- Doctor Dobb's Journal

"I never fail to be impressed by how quickly you respond to my emails! There should be awards for such support." -- Pieter A Oosterhoff

"Wingware is the most responsive and helpful software company that I've seen in 30 years of coding. Combine that with an excellent product, and choosing Wing Pro is a total no-brainer." -- Marc A. Murison

"I must say, after using Sublime for a few months, my team and I had to switch back to Wingware. It's so much better! And not just for Python." -- Kevin Ali

"I think I found my go to IDE for coding Python! Wing @pythonide It has everything I need." --n1tr0g3n on Twitter

"Testing @pythonide Wing 5 The new UI looks great! #python the best IDE for debugging." -- Bruno Cesar Rocha on Twitter

"Wing is far and away the best IDE I've ever used." -- Kevin Kesseler, PhD

"I love the vim bindings. Works so much better than the plugin I was using for sublime." -- Patrick Kelley

"The autocompletion in Python code is so brilliant I think it's reading my mind" -- Grzegorz Nosek

"Wing's Python IDE is awesome! I have been using it for about 4 years now, and have found that it meets my needs perfectly. Excellent integration with App Engine, Django, etc. Extremely powerful debugging features. A Python developer ' couldn't ask for a more complete IDE system! -- Alexander Marquardt

"With Wing and my 40 inch monitor I feel like I can develop anything." -- Peter J. Bismuti

"In the last 6 years that I've been programming in Python, I found Wing to be an absolutely indispensable tool. I use it to develop and debug every one of my Python projects, from big client projects to small personal side projects. -- Ram Rachum

"Thank you for making the best Python IDE available." -- Clinton De Young

"Wing is one of those 'Just Works' tools" -- Michael Hipp

"Wing is really the standard by which I judge other IDEs. It opens, it works, and does everything it can do to stay out of my way so I can be productive. And its remote debugging, which I use when I'm debugging Django uWSGI processes, makes it a rock star!" -- Andrew M

"The best IDE I have seen for Python development" -- Tamer Higazi

"I just keep lovin' it! Best Python IDE ever!" -- Diogo Baeder