Migrating From Older Versions

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Moving to Wing 9 from earlier versions should be easy. The first time you start Wing 9, it will automatically convert your preferences and other settings from the most recent older version of Wing found on your system, and place them into your Wing 9 Settings Directory.

Wing 9 can be installed and used side by side with older major releases (Wing 8 and earlier) and operates completely independently. Projects from earlier versions of Wing will be converted and opened as untitled, and should be saved to a new file name since older versions of Wing cannot open Wing 8 projects.

Compatibility Changes in Wing 9

Wing 9 makes a few changes may affect compatibility with configurations that previously used Wing 8:

  • Now runs as a 64-bit application on Windows (but can still work with 32-bit and 64-bit Python)
  • Now requires macOS version 10.15+
  • Light and dark display themes are now configured separately
  • Uses a dark display theme by default on Linux
  • Always enters a space character when auto-completing with the space key
  • Wing Pro enables auto-editing space insertion by default
  • Creates a new application instance when only a project name is on the command line
  • Debugged child processes inherit the debug internals log filename from their parent process
  • Code reformatters are now run in the directory that contains the code being reformatted
  • Internal components were updated: Python, Qt, PyQt, Scintilla