Migrating From Older Versions

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Moving to Wing 7 from earlier versions should be easy. The first time you start Wing 7, it will automatically convert your preferences from the most recent older version of Wing found on your system, and place them into your Wing 7 Settings Directory.

Wing 7 can be installed and used side by side with older major releases (Wing 6 and earlier) and operates completely independently. Projects from earlier versions of Wing will be converted and opened as untitled, and should be saved to a new file name since older versions of Wing cannot open Wing 7 projects.

Compatibility Changes in Wing 7

Wing 7 makes some incompatible changes, including changes in supported Python versions, functional changes, and changes to the API and command set.

Changes in Supported Python Versions

  • Dropped support for Python 2.5 and 3.2
  • Dropped support for 32-bit Python on OS X

See Supported Python Versions for details.

Important Functional Changes

  • Renamed the Debug Probe to Debug Console
  • Automatically restart the Python Shell by default when changing projects; you can disable this by unchecking Auto-restart when Switch Projects in its Options menu
  • Change default drag and drop action within the Project tool to move files (copying now requires pressing a modifier key)
  • Change default for maximum number of non-sticky editors to keep open to 5
  • Evaluate in Python Shell and Debug Console will use the current line when there is no selection even if the Evaluate Only Whole Lines option in its Options menu is unchecked
  • Debugger shows unicode characters in Stack Data instead of code points under Python 3
  • Wing now sets sys.argv in the Python Shell when Evaluate File in Python Shell is used. The value matches the arguments used when debugging the selected file and persists until another file is evaluated.
  • Wing no longer reloads a file when a disk file is removed while it is open in the editor. Instead, the editor is marked as changed with its current contents.

Changes in Scripting API and Command Set

  • Rename CAPIProject.Get/SetMainDebugFile to Get/SetMainEntryPoint
  • Rename command set-current-as-main-debug-file to set-current-as-main-entry-point
  • Rename command set-selected-as-main-debug-file to set-selected-as-main-entry-point
  • Rename command clear-project-main-debug-file to clear-project-main-entry-point
  • Deprecate API and commands affected by the above changes
  • Change the bookmarks-remove-all command to confirm the removal by default
  • GetStackFrame and SetStackFrame API calls are deprecated; use GetStackIndex and SetStackIndex instead
  • Changed command names: hide-detail is now hide-debug-value-detail and show-detail has been replaced with show-debug-value-as-array and show-debug-value-as-text
  • bin/wingapi.py has been moved to src/wingapi.py
  • bin/wingdb.py, src/wing.py, and remoteagent.py have been moved to bootstrap
  • Dropped the 'sheet' parameter to CAPIApplication.ShowMessageDialog in the scripting API

Other Minor Changes

  • Disable the old PyLint integration since the new Code Warnings tool offers a better option for invoking pylint and indicating its warnings inline in editors
  • OS X application name for Wing Pro is now "Wing Pro" and not "WingIDE"
  • Exceptions in the Debugger > Exceptions > Never Report preference are also ignored when they occur in code run in the Python Shell and Debug Probe
  • Don't display extension module scraping results in the status area
  • Remove old and undocumented option to use temp files when running tests
  • Increase default for Source Analysis > Max Cache Size preference to 2GB
  • Trial license numbers are computed differently
  • Increased the default for the Debugger > Line Threshold preference to 95 to more often include useful data
  • Moved size threshold preferences to the new Debugger > Data Display page
  • Moved introspection preferences to the new Debugger > Introspection page
  • Don't switch to or from fullscreen mode when starting wing, opening a new project or switching perspectives
  • Use https (and not http) for all communication with wingware.com for license activation, update checks, and submitting feedback and bug reports
  • Set TERM=dumb when Start Terminal is used