Removing Wing

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On Windows, use the Add/Remove Programs control panel, select Wing Pro 10 and remove it.


To remove an RPM installation on Linux, type rpm -e wingpro10.

To remove an Debian package installation on Linux, type dpkg -r wingpro10.

In Wing Personal the package name is instead wing-personal10 and in Wing 101 it is wing-101-10.

To remove a tar archive installation on Linux/Unix, invoke the wing-uninstall script in the install directory listed in Wing's About box. This will automatically remove all files that appear not to have been changed since installation. It will ask whether it should remove any files that appear to be changed.


To remove Wing from macOS, just drag its application folder to the trash.

User Settings

You may also want to remove the User Settings directory and cache directories if you don't plan to use Wing again on your system.