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Upgrades within the same major version number (for example from 10.0.4 to 10.0.5 or 10.1) can usually be made with Check for Updates in Wing's Help menu. Once you have upgraded, your previous preferences and settings remain in place. After restarting Wing, you should immediately be able to start using the new version.

The current version number is shown at startup and can be found in Wing's About box. A list of retained updates is also available here, allowing you to revert back to recent versions.

Upgrading Without an Internet Connection

If the machine where Wing is running does not have an internet connection, you will need to generate an update at https://wingware.com/update using a machine that does have an internet connection, move it to the target machine, and then apply it manually with Apply Update in Wing's Help menu.

Upgrading to a New Major Release

If you are upgrading across major releases (for example from Wing 8 to Wing 10), then you will need to download and install Wing as described in Installing. This will install the new version along side your older major release of Wing, and they can be used independently.

New major releases of Wing will read and convert any existing Wing preferences, settings, and projects. Projects should be saved to a new name for use with the new major release since they cannot be read by earlier versions.

See also Migrating From Older Versions.

Upgrading Your License

Valid annual licenses for Wing Pro, and perpetual licenses covered by Support+Upgrades can upgrade to any new release for free.

Other licenses must be upgraded before they can be activated in a newer major release. This can be done in the online store.

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