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Advanced Debugging Topics

This chapter collects documentation of advanced debugging techniques, including debugging externally launched code, and using Wing's debugger together with a debugger for C/C++ code.

See also the collection of How-Tos for tips of working with specific third party libraries and frameworks for Python.

Section Contents

13.0. Debugging Externally Launched Code
   13.0.0. Importing the Debugger
   13.0.1. Debug Server Configuration
   13.0.2. Debugger API
   13.0.3. Debugging Embedded Python Code
13.1. Remote Debugging
   13.1.0. SSH Tunneling
   13.1.1. File Location Maps File Location Map Examples
   13.1.2. Remote Debugging Example
   13.1.3. Installing the Debugger Core
13.2. Using wingdb to Initiate Debug
13.3. Attaching and Detaching
   13.3.0. Access Control
   13.3.1. Detaching
   13.3.2. Attaching
   13.3.3. Identifying Foreign Processes
   13.3.4. Constraints
13.4. Handling Large Values and Strings in the Debugger
13.5. Debugging C/C++ and Python together
13.6. Debugging Extension Modules on Linux/Unix
13.7. OS X Debugging Notes
13.8. Debugging Code with XGrab* Calls
13.9. Debugging Non-Python Mainloops
13.10. Debugging Code Running Under Py2exe
13.11. Debugger Limitations

Advanced Debugging Topics