Externally Launched Process Behavior

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This section describes what happens if wingdbstub cannot attach to Wing, and how termination of remote debug works.

Behavior on Failure to Attach to IDE

Whenever the debugger cannot contact Wing (for example, if the IDE is not running or is listening on a different port), the debug program will be run without debugging. This is useful since debug-enabled web tasks and other programs should work normally when Wing is not present. However, you can force the debug process to exit in this case by setting the kExitOnFailure flag in wingdbstub.py. To attach to processes started without debug, see Attaching (only available in Wing Pro).

Enabling Process Termination

In some cases, you may wish to enable termination of debug processes that were launched from outside of Wing. By default, Wing recognizes externally launched processes and disables process termination in these cases unless the Kill Externally Launched preference is enabled.