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Attaching and Detaching

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Debug processes normally contact Wing automatically during startup. However, Wing can also attach to debug processes that are already running but not yet in contact with the IDE if the process will allow it. There are two cases where this is useful:

(1) When an externally launched process (one that uses wingdbstub.py, as described in section Debugging Externally Launched Code) cannot reach the IDE at the configured host and port during initial startup, for example because the IDE is not yet running or was not configured to accept debug connections.

(2) When a process attached to the IDE is disconnected using Detach from Process in the Debug menu or the detach icon in the toolbar.

In either case, the IDE can manage any number of detached processes, allowing you to attach to any one process at a time.

Section Contents

13.3.0. Access Control
13.3.1. Detaching
13.3.2. Attaching
13.3.3. Identifying Foreign Processes
13.3.4. Constraints

Attaching and Detaching