Wing Python IDE Version 9.1 - May 10, 2023

Wing 9.1 adds auto-import and import management, collects and displays code coverage for unit tests, uses coverage data to invalidate test results when code is edited, adds support for Python 3.11, reduces debugger overhead in Python 3.7+, speeds up running unit tests, streamlines configuration of light and dark theming, adds two light display themes, and makes improvements to New Project for Docker and Django, auto-invocation, multi-threaded debugging, code analysis, & more.

See the change log for details.

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What's New in Wing 9.1

Wing 9 Screen Shot

Import Management

Wing 9.1 adds the ability to auto-enter imports from the auto-completer, eliminating the need to move up and down in a file to add imports while writing new code. The new Imports tool makes it easy to find and remove imports that are unused anywhere in your code.

Code Coverage

Wing 9.1 added the ability to track and display code coverage for unit tests, so that you can see how well your tests are exercising your code. Coverage data is also used to determine which previously collected test results are invalidated by edits made to your code, so that tests affected by edits may be re-run sooner in the development process.

Faster Unit Testing

Wing 9.1 significantly speeds up running unit tests in projects with a large number of unit tests. This release also adds a Run Not-Yet-Run Tests option to the Testing menu, to make it easier to run only tests that have not yet been run, and improves storing unit tests results when tests print a large amount of output.

Other Improvements

Wing 9.1 also shows auto-invocation arguments for methods of super(), improves New Project support for Docker, Django, and other environments, fixes a number of issues affecting multi-threaded debugging, fixes several code analysis issues, improves reliability of remote development across network failures, improves keyboard navigation of Search in Files results, fixes some issues in auto-editing and auto-spacing, and makes a number of other improvements.

For a complete list of new features in Wing 9.1, see What's New in Wing 9.1.

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See Upgrading for details on upgrading from Wing 8 and earlier, and Migrating from Older Versions for a list of compatibility notes.