Wing Python IDE 7.0.4 - July 11, 2019

Wing 7.0.4 has been released. Some of the highlights of this release include:

  • Fix debugging notebooks with newer Jupyter versions
  • Fix setting up a Django project with the default Python Executable
  • Don't lose retained Debug I/O buffers after 60 seconds
  • Avoid several incorrect code warnings
  • Fix refactoring or finding points of use in code that has type hints
  • Fix Move Program Counter in remote files
  • Fix remote searching and Find Uses to include files that are not open in the editor
  • Avoid displaying spurious Disk File is Newer dialogs when saving remote files
  • Fix comparing two directories
  • Avoid hanging up in file comparisons with large difference blocks
  • Fix several problems in the extension scripting API
  • Fix many other bugs

You can obtain this release with Check for Updates in Wing 7's Help menu or download it now.

New in Wing 7

Wing 7 introduces an improved code warnings and code quality inspection system that includes built-in error detection and tight integration with Pylint, pep8, and mypy. This release also adds a new data frame and array viewer, a MATLAB keyboard personality, easy inline debug data display with Shift-Space, improved stack data display, support for PEP 3134 chained exceptions, callouts for search and other code navigation features, four new color palettes, improved bookmarking, a high-level configuration menu, magnified presentation mode, a new update manager, stepping over import internals, simplified remote agent installation, and much more.

For details see What's New in Wing 7

Wing 7 Screen Shot

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Wing 7 is a an exciting new step for Wingware's Python IDE product line. Find out how Wing 7 can turbocharge your Python development by trying it today.

Download Wing 7.0.4: Wing Pro | Wing Personal | Wing 101 | Compare Products

Wing 7 installs side by side with earlier versions of Wing, so there is no need to remove old versions in order to try it. Wing 7 will read and convert your old preferences, settings, and projects. Projects should be saved to a new name since earlier versions of Wing cannot read Wing 7 projects.

See Upgrading for details and Migrating from Older Versions for a list of compatibility notes.