Code Warnings and Quality Inspection

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Wing Pro warns about possible problems with Python code, by underlining them in the editor and listing them in the Code Warnings tool. A warning indicates something might be wrong in the code, for example a syntax error, indentation problem, use of an undefined variable, an import that cannot be resolved, or a variable that is set but never used.

New code is checked as you work, although Wing will wait until you have finished typing so that it doesn't warn about code that is still being entered.

Wing's builtin warnings may be supplemented with warnings found with external code quality checkers like ruff, flake8, mypy, pep8, and pylint.

Since all code checkers have only a limited understanding of what happens when code is actually run, they may show incorrect warnings. Wing allows you to disable specific warnings either for a single case, for an entire file, or for all files from the Code Warnings tool or the editor.

Warnings generated by Wing may be disabled with PEP 484 # type: ignore comment on the line with the warning. A # type: ignore comment on a line by itself at the start of the file (before any non-comment line) will also disable all warnings in the entire file.

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