Advanced Configuration

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The Advanced Configuration button at the bottom of the Configuration: Defaults page in the drop-down menu at the top of the Code Warnings tool may be used to control several other options for Wing's code warnings facility:

Show Warnings in the Standard Library controls whether Wing shows any warnings in files found in Python's standard library. This is disabled by default since most users are not in a position to make changes to this code.

Show Warnings in site-packages controls whether Wing shows any warnings in files that are in the site-packages directory in the Python installation. This is the location that third party modules are installed into Python by pip and other package managers. This is also disabled by default.

Allow Comments to Disable Warnings controls whether Wing will look for comments in code to indicate that all warnings of a particular type should be disabled in the scope in which the comment is found. This is enabled by default and uses a set of comment regular expressions that match the informal pylint disable standard developed by Pylint and a similar wing disable standard for Wing's internal code checker. The set of regular expressions may be edited and extended through the configuration dialog. Each expression may disable on class of code warnings, including all instances of that type of warning.