Wildcard Search Syntax

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The following syntax is used for wild card searches in Wing's search tools:

* matches any sequence of characters except for line endings. For example, the search string my*value would match anything within a single line of text starting with my and ending with value. Note that * is "greedy" in that myinstancevalue = myothervalue would match as a whole rather than as two matches. To avoid this, use Regex Search instead with .*? instead of *.

? matches any single character except for line endings. For example, my???value would match any string starting with my followed by three characters, and ending with value.

[ and ] indicate sets of characters to match. For example [abcd] matches any one of a, b, c, or d. Also, [a-zA-Z] matches any letter in the range from a to z, either lower case or uppercase. Case specifications in character ranges will be ignored unless the Case Sensitive option is turned on.