Find Points of Use

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Wing Pro can find all points of use of a symbol in the current project's Python files. To start a search, select or place the cursor in a symbol and then use Find Points of Use in the Source menu or the editor's right-click context menu, or Alt-click on a symbol.

Find Points of Use searches all files in your project. To limit your search to only the current file, use Find Points of Use in Current File instead.

The results are shown in the Uses tool. Clicking on a match will show it in the editor, highlighting it briefly with a callout, as configured from the Editor > Callouts preferences group.

Completed searches are stored in the Uses tool. They can be selected from the drop down menu at the top of the tool and deleted by clicking on the close icon. Searches do not automatically refresh as code is modified, but may be updated manually with Refresh in the Options menu.

Result Display

Wing tries to show only symbols that are actually the same symbol, and not also other like-named symbols. However, since Python is a dynamic language, it is sometimes impossible to determine for certain whether a match is the same symbol. Matches are assigned a likelihood of being correct, as follows:

Likely: The original symbol and found symbol resolve to the same definition so that using Goto Definition on each will end up in the same place.

Possible: Either the original symbol or the found symbol don't resolve to any definition.

Unlikely: The original symbol resolves to a different definition than the found symbol.

Possible matches are listed with a question mark ? preceding the filename and unlikely matches are listed with double question mark ?? preceding the filename. Only likely and possible matches are displayed by default. The display of possible and unlikely matches may be toggled from the Options menu on a per-search basis.

Finding Imported Symbols

When finding a symbol from an import statement, Wing defaults to finding where the imported module, class, function, or attribute is used with the same name in all files searched. To only find the symbol created by the import statement used to start the search, uncheck Find Imported Items Everywhere on the Options menu.

Improving Quality of Results

If Wing is failing to see matches as resolving to the same point of definition, it may help to add to the Python Path in Project Properties or place type hints so that the source analysis engine can determine the type of more symbols. See Helping Wing Analyze Code for details.