Starting Debug

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The following items in the Debug menu, or their can bindings, can be used to start debugging. Some of these are omitted in Wing Personal and Wing 101:

  • Start / Continue runs the main entry point, if one has been set as described in Specifying Main Entry Point, or otherwise the file open in the current editor. Execution stops at the first breakpoint or exception, or upon program completion.
  • Step Into starts a debug session that stops at the first line of code.
  • Debug Current File runs the file from the current editor. This will stop on the first breakpoint or exception, or upon program completion.
  • Run to Cursor starts or continues debugging until it reaches the line selected in the current editor, until a breakpoint or exception is encountered, or until program completion.
  • Debug Recent can be used to rerun a recent debug session. This will stop on the first breakpoint or exception, or upon program completion.

Other ways to start debug include:

  • Debug Selected in the right-click context menu on the Project tool runs the selected file.
  • In Wing Pro, Named Entry Points can be used from the Debug menu, to debug or execute files in a particular environment.
  • Code may also be debugged from the Python Shell tool by clicking on the bug icon in the top right of the tool and entering some code or using the Evaluate options in the Source menu. See Debugging Code in the Python Shell for details.
  • In Wing Pro and Wing Personal, debug may also be initiated from outside of Wing. See Debugging Externally Launched Code for details.

Once a debug process has been started, the status indicator in the lower left of the window should change from white or grey to another color, as described in Debugger Status.

Note that when debugging code from the Python Shell the debugger only appears active if code is actually running and the shell is not at the prompt.

Custom Python Compilations

Wing's debugger contains an extension module that uses the cross-Python API to support multiple versions of Python with a single compilation of the module. This should cover most custom compilations of Python. However, if you need to support a new OS or device, or an unusual compile configuration, you may need to recompile the debugger core to match your compilation of Python. This is possible for Wing Pro users, through access to the source code under NDA. Please contact us for details.