Named Entry Points

Named entry points define additional debug/execute entry points into Python code, by pairing a Python file or a named module with the desired execution environment. Named entry points can be debugged or executed from the Debug Named Entry Point and Execute Named Entry Point sub-menus of the Debug menu.

Named Entry Points in the Debug menu displays the named entry point manager. Use the toolbar in the dialog or right-click on the list to create, edit, duplicate, or delete a named entry point. To rename an entry point, click on its name and type the new name.

Right-click on a named entry point in the list and select Set Debug Key Binding or Set Execute Key Binding to assign a key binding that will debug or execute that named entry point.

Named Entry Point Fields

Each named entry point defines the following fields to launch either a Python file or a named module using python -m.

Python File is the file to launch by invoking Python with its filename.

Named Module is the module to launch with python -m and the module named.

Environment specifies the environment to use when launching the file. This can either be the project-defined environment from Project Properties with the specified run arguments, or it can be a selected launch configuration. For Python files selected by filename rather than module name, the file may also be launched using python -m and the specified run arguments.

Show this dialog before each run displays the named entry point properties dialog before debugging or executing it.