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Project Manager

The Project manager provides a convenient index of the files in your software project and collects information needed by Wing's debugger, source code analysis tools, version control integration, and other facilities.

To get the most out of Wing's debugger and source analysis engine, you may in some cases need to set up Python Executable, Python Path, and other values in Project-Wide Properties and/or Per-File Properties.

Section Contents

3.0. Creating a Project
3.1. Removing Files and Directories
3.2. Saving the Project
3.3. Sorting the View
3.4. Navigating to Files
   3.4.0. Keyboard Navigation
3.5. Sharing Projects
3.6. Project-wide Properties
   3.6.0. Environment Variable Expansion
3.7. Per-file Properties
3.8. Launch Configurations

Project Manager