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The dockable Search in Files tool is used to search and replace within sets of files, or for searching Wing's documentation. It performs searches in batch and displays a result list for all found matches. This list can then be traversed to view the matches in the source editor, and is automatically updated as edits alter the search results. Searching may span the current editor, a single selected file, all open files, all project files, all of Wing's documentation, or sets of files on disk.

Files in a set may be filtered by file type, for example searching only through Python files in the project.

In addition the options also available in the search tool, the following choices are available in the Options popup menu:

  • Replace Operates On Disk -- Check this to replace text in un-opened files directly on disk. Caution: see Replace in Multiple Files for details on this option.
  • Recursive Directory Search -- Check this to search recursively within all sub-directories of the selected search directory.
  • Omit Binary Files -- Check this to omit any file that appears to contain binary data.
  • Auto-restart Searches -- Check this to restart searching immediately if it is interupted because a search parameter or the set of files being searched is changed.
  • Open First Match -- Check this to automatically open the first batch search match, even before the result list is clicked upon.
  • Show Line Numbers -- Check this to include line numbers in the batch result area.
  • Result File Name -- This is used to select the format of the result file name shown in the batch result area.

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