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The dockable Search tool can be used for more advanced search and replace tasks within the current editor. It provides the ability to customize case sensitivity and whole/part word matching, search in selection, and perform wildcard or regex search and replace.

The Replace field may be hidden and can be shown from the Options menu in the bottom right of the tool.

To the right of the Search and Replace fields, Wing makes available a popup that contains a history of previously used strings, options for inserting special characters, and an option for expanding the size of the entry area.

The following search options can be selected from the tool:

  • Case Sensitive -- Check this option to show only exact matches of upper and lower case letters in the search string.
  • Whole Words -- Check this option to require that matches are surrounded by white space (spaces, tabs, or line ends) or punctuation other than _ (underscores).
  • In Selection -- Search for matches only within the current selection on the editor.

The following additional options are available from the Options popup menu:

  • Show Replace -- Whether or not the Replace field is visible in the tool.
  • Text Search -- Select this to do a regular text search without wildcard or regex.
  • Wildcard Search -- Select this to allow use of special characters for wildcarding in the search string (see Wildcard Search Syntax for details).
  • Regex Search -- Select this to use regular expression style searching. This is a more powerful variant than wildcard search that allows for more complex specification of search matches and replacement values. For information on the syntax allowed for the search and replace strings, see Python's Regular Expression Syntax documentation. In this mode, the replace string can reference regex match groups with \1, \2, etc, as in the Python re.sub() call.
  • Wrap Search -- Uncheck this to avoid wrapping around when the search reaches the top or bottom of a file.
  • Incremental -- Check this to immediately start or restarted searching as you type or alter search options. When unchecked, use the forward/backward search buttons to initiate searching.
  • Find After Replace -- Select this to automatically find the next search match after each Replace operation.