Wing IDE Licensing Changes: February 16, 2011

Bird on Branch

Wingware has made some changes to its licensing model to better address the needs of our customers:

1) The per-OS licensing constraint has been lifted. All Wing 4.x licenses, including those purchased during the beta period, can be used on any or all of the supported OSes.

2) For Wing IDE Pro, licenses are priced according to whether they are used commercially ($245) or non-commercially ($95). Non-commercial licenses are available to students, educators, unpaid hobbyists, and publicly funded non-profits. Wing IDE Personal licenses cost $45/license.

3) For Wing IDE Professional Commercial Use licenses, we are now offering 5-pack pricing ($1150 each). We continue to offer volume discounts on 10 or more licenses.

4) We are now offering paid Support+Upgrades subscriptions. Wing IDE Pro licenses come with one year of Support+Upgrades coverage. Subscriptions can be renewed or added to Non-Commercial or Wing IDE Personal licenses at a cost of $89/year per license. Licenses not covered by Support+Upgrades require purchasing an upgrade for new major releases.

5) We continue to offer free licenses for unpaid open source developers and for classroom use of Wing IDE. See details

6) Wing IDE Professional Commercial Use licenses are now explicitly designated as transferable when owned by a company or organization, allowing for reassignment of licenses when employees leave or change roles.

New licenses for Wing IDE 4.x can be purchased in our online store. Existing licenses can be upgraded, and Support+Upgrades subscriptions can be extended or renewed on the upgrades page.

For additional information see Wing IDE License Terms.

Questions? Please contact us at sales at wingware dot com.