Free Licenses for Wing IDE

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Wingware provides free Wing IDE Professional licenses for certain types of uses, as described below. Please note that Wing IDE 101 is always free to use without charge and does not require a license key. You do not need to apply here to use that. Just download it.

Classroom Use

Wingware provides free licenses for students using Wing IDE Professional exclusively for coursework or thesis work at an accredited educational institution, including public schools for all ages, colleges, universities, and professional or corporate training companies.

If you are a student, please try to work through your course instructor to obtain your free license. This allows us to approve a single request rather than many for each course. The license that is obtained by the instructor can be shared with all students taking the class or classes.

Unpaid Open Source Use

Developers using Wing IDE Professional solely for unpaid and unfunded development of open source software may obtain a free license upon request. To apply, you must have a website for your project that includes:

  • A clear and detailed description of the project
  • At least one non-trivial public release of your open source code (public revision control access to the code is sufficient)
  • A copy of or link to the open source license

In some cases, we may be able to approve a 6 month limited term license before these requirements are met. Usually, we will require some record of past contribution to open source projects, or association with a an established institution or group that is undertaking the project.

Terms and Limitations

Free licenses include upgrades only within the same major release version. Users of free licenses must reapply to upgrade to a new major release, regardless of the timing of that release.

Wingware makes no support guarantees of any kind to free license users. However, annual Support+Upgrades subscriptions may be purchased by users of free licenses.

We reserve the right to refuse to issue any free license.

Free Licenses for Wing IDE