Wing Tips: Dark Mode and Color Configuration in Wing Python IDE

Sep 02, 2019

Wing Python IDE provides a number of light and dark color themes, and the ability to quickly toggle between light and dark mode using the menuicon menu icon in the top right of the IDE window. When Dark Theme or Light Theme are selected, Wing switches to the light or dark themes configured on the first User Interface preferences page.

On Windows and macOS, Wing also offers the option to emulate the OS display style. On Windows this is currently always a light theme. On macOS, Wing will match the system-configured display style. Note that in either case you can select the overall display theme separately from the editor's theme.

Note: Wing 9 changed how light and dark themes are configured, by allowing separate configuration of a light and dark theme. Wing 8 instead toggled between the most recently used light and dark modes.

The dark palettes that ship with Wing are:


Black Background: The classic original dark mode for Wing


Cherry Blossom: New in Wing 7


Dracula: New in Wing 7




One Dark: The default dark color palette


Positronic: New in Wing 7


Solarized Dark


Sun Steel: New in Wing 7

Color Configuration

Aside from selecting the overall color palette with the User Interface preferences, it is also possible to override individual colors throughout the preferences, or to write your own color palette, including colors for the UI and optionally also for syntax highlighting in the editor. This is described in more detail in Display Style and Colors.

That's it for now! We'll be back soon with more Wing Tips for Wing Python IDE.

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