Container Plugins

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Container plugins can be used to add support for a new type of container system to Wing Pro's support for containers. Wing Pro comes with support for Docker and LXC, which are implemented in plugins/container in the Wing installation directory. Other container systems may be supported by adding a similar support for each container system.


In order to work with Wing, container systems must satisfy the following requirements:

  • The container system must allow starting a container and running a specifed command within the container instance
  • The container system must support running additional commands in an already-running container instance, using a specified starting directory and environment. This must be achievable by running a command line on the host system.
  • The container system must be able to map or copy files on the host system into the container (including a mapping specified by Wing Pro)
  • The container must be able to connect to the host system via TCP/IP
  • To fully implement a plugin, the container system must be able to map TCP ports from the host system to the container. However, this is optional and only needed for some types of development.


Container plugins need to implement the following two classes:

CContainerInstance represents a running instance of a container. Wing creates an instance of this class to manage all the tasks it needs to run on the container, including (a) those used to inspect the Python installation and Python code found only on the container, (b) processes started to debug or execute code, (c) processes started for running unit tests, (d) commands run from the OS Commands tool, and (d) other processes for code reformatting and inspection.

ContainerSupport provides some top-level meta data and control for the supported container system, including enumerating and shutting down all running containers.

The details of the API are documented in the file src/plugins/container/ in the Wing installation directory. Reference implementations for Docker and XLC are provided in plugins/container.