Cluster Plugins

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Cluster plugins can be used to add support for a new type of container orchestration system to Wing Pro's support for containers. Wing Pro comes with support for Docker Compose, which is implemented by the file plugins/cluster/ in the Wing installation directory. Other container orchestration systems may be supported by adding a similar file for each container orchestration system.


In order to work with Wing, container orchestration systems must satisfy the following requirements:

  • The cluster configuration used by the container orchestration system must allow adding environment variables and host->container file mappings to specific services in the cluster
  • Containers in a cluster that are to host debugged parts of the application must be able to connect to Wing on the host system using TCP/IP
  • Plugins must exist for the container system(s) used by the orchestration system and it must be possible to start instances of individual containers using the container system plugins.


Container plugins need to implement the following two classes:

Cluster represents the cluster defined by the container orchestration system. Wing uses an instance of this class to start (with or without debug) and stop the cluster as a whole.

ClusterSystemSupport provides some top-level meta data and control for the supported container orchestration system, including parsing configuration files and tracking cluster runtime status.

The details of the API are documented in the file src/plugins/cluster/ in the Wing installation directory. A reference implementation for Docker Compose is provided in plugins/cluster/