Failure to Start Debug

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Use the following steps to diagnose failure to start debugging:

Try a simple test case using the following code in a new Python file and Step Into in the Debug menu:


This rules out unexpectedly running to completion or running into a fatal error after debug has started successfully.

Set WINGDB_PRINT_ALL_TRACEBACKS=1 in the Environment in Project Properties and try restarting the Python Shell from its Options menu. This is often a simple way to obtain a traceback that shows why Python is failing to start.

Verify that your Python version is supported according to Supported Python Versions. If not, you may need a different version of Wing. Note that you must use Wing Manual in the IDE's Help menu to see the correct information for your version of Wing.

Check that Python Path is valid with Show Python Environment in the Source menu. If this contains directories inside a Python version that doesn't match the interpreter being run for the debug process, then Python will fail to start. You can set Python Path and Python Executable in Project Properties.

Check for malfunctions of Activate Env entered for Python Executable under the Environment tab of Project Properties. If activating the environment is failing, you may be able to work around the problem by selecting Command Line instead and entering the full path to the python or python.exe in your environment.

Check for environment conflicts, which may occur if you set the PYTHONHOME or PYTHONPATH environment variables and they do not match the particular Python interpreter that Wing is launching.

Completely remove and reinstall Python if you have installed a newer version over and older one on disk, in the same directory. This may cause debugging to fail even if other Python programs appear to work with the Python installation because the debugger used functionality that isn't used by most other code.

Confirm that TCP/IP is working on your machine since Wing's debugger uses TCP/IP to communicate with the IDE.

Disable PyGame full-screen mode and use window mode instead, since full-screen mode does not work with Python debuggers.

In other cases, collect diagnostics as described in Diagnostic Output.