Supported Platforms

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Wing 8 is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. Some additional platforms and devices are supported through remote development in Wing Pro only.


Wing runs on Windows 10+ for Intel processors. Windows 8 may work in some cases but is not recommended or supported. Earlier versions of Windows will not work.


Wing runs on macOS 10.13+ as a notarized native application, both on Intel and Apple Silicon (M1) processors.


Wing runs on 64-bit Intel Linux versions with glibc version 2.17 or later (such as Ubuntu 14.04+, CentOS 7+, Kali 2+, and Fedora 20+). It requires libraries that are typically installed for a graphical desktop environment including libX11, libxcb, libxcb-xkb, libglib, and libexpat. It also requires an X windows server with the X keyboard extension.

Remote Development

Wing Pro's remote development features are fully supported on the same platforms as those listed for the IDE above, with the following additions:

  • 32-bit and 64-bit Intel Linux systems that are compatible with the manylinux1 policy as defined in PEP 513 -- glibc version 2.5 or later (such as CentOS and RHEL 5.5+, Ubuntu 9+, and Debian 5.0+)
  • ARMv6 and ARMv7 Linux running on Raspberry Pi -- glibc 2.19 and later
  • ARMv7 Linux running on the Jolla phone -- glibc 2.19 and later
  • Other ARMv6 and ARMv7 Linux systems -- glibc 2.19 and later

Partial support for remote development is available on all other systems that can be accessed via SSH, as described in Manually Installing the Remote Agent.