Navigating Source

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The editor provides a number of features designed to make it easier to navigate Python code.

Source Index Menus

The menus at the top of the editor provide an index of the classes, methods, and functions in the current file. These can be used to navigate within the top-level scope and within any sub-scopes present at the current position. The menus update as you move the editor caret to other scopes or files.

For an index of all code in the Project, see the Source Browser tool.

Goto Definition

You can visit the point of definition of any Python symbol by right-clicking on it and selecting Goto Definition from the editor's context menu.

Alternatively, place the cursor or selection on a symbol and use Goto Selected Symbol Defn in the Source menu, or its keyboard equivalent.

Control-click (or Command-click on macOS) also jumps to the point of definition.

Find Points of Use

In Wing Pro, to view all points of use of a symbol, right click on it and select Find Points of Use or use the item of the same name in the Source menu. The points of use are shown in the Uses tool, from which you can visit each point of use.

Alt-click (or Option-click on macOS) on a symbol in the editor also displays points of use.

For more information, see Find Uses.

Visit History

The history buttons in the top left of the editor area move forward and backward through recently visited places and editors in a manner similar to the forward and back buttons in a web browser. This is a good way to return from a point of definition or after visiting points of use.

Finding Symbols by Name

Find Symbol in the Source menu provides a way to find a symbol defined in the current Python scope, by typing a fragment of its name.

Find Symbol in Project in Wing Pro works the same way but searches all files in the project for any symbol matching a fragment.

When a symbol is visited in the editor, Wing highlights it briefly with a callout, as configured from the Editor > Callouts preferences group.