Manually Configured Remote Debugging Example

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This example is for manually configured remote debugging only. It is not relevant for users of Wing Pro's Remote Hosts feature.

Here is a simple example that enables debugging a process running on a Linux host with IP address, using Wing running on a Windows host with IP address

Configuring the Connection

On the Windows host, the following preferences must be specified:

  • The Debugger > Listening > Accept Debug Connections preference should be enabled
  • The Debugger > Listening > Server Host preference should be set to All Interfaces (this is the default)
  • The Debugger > Listening > Server Port preference should be set to 50005 (this is the default)
  • The Debugger > Advanced > Allowed Hosts preference should be altered by adding

On the Linux host, the following value is needed in


Once this is done and Wing has been restarted, you should be able to run code that imports wingdbstub on the Linux host and see the debug connection establish on the Windows host.

File Sharing and Location Map

Next you will need to set up file sharing between the two machines (for example, with Samba) and then establish a location map in your Wing preferences on the Windows host.

If your source code on the Linux host is in /home/myuser/mysource and you map /home/myuser to e: on the Windows host, then you would use the Location Map preference to add one mapping for remote ip address, from remote directory /home/myuser/mysource to local directory e:/mysource.

See Manually Configured Location Map Examples for other examples.