File Location Maps

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If you are manually configuring remote debugging without using Wing Pro's Remote Hosts feature, and the full path to your source code is not the same on both hosts, then you need to take steps to tell Wing how to determine which local files match those on a remote host.

The easiest way to do this is to add all your source code to the project in Wing. This lets Wing discover all your files, so it can automatically build a file mapping using hashes on their contents of the files. If this works for you, no other configuration is necessary.

How it Works

Wing uses an SHA1 hash on the first 2MB of every source file that it finds in the project or through static analysis of all imports in your code. This is matched up to hashes obtained from the debug process to establish file identity, and a location map is built up automatically by looking at which directories appear to match on the local and remote side.

If there are multiple identical local files that match a remote file, Wing will notify you and then pick one arbitrarily. This can usually be fixed by removing the unwanted copies of source files from your project and restarting the debug process.

You can turn off Wing's automatic file matching by unchecking the Debugger > Network > Use Digests To Identify Files preference and then specifying a file location map manually, as described in the next two sections.

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