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Right-clicking on the surface of the Stack Data view displays a popup menu with options for navigating data structures:

  • Show/Hide Detail -- Used to quickly show and hide the split where Wing shows expanded copies of values that are truncated on the main debug data view (click on items to show their expanded form).
  • Expand More -- When a complex data value is selected, this menu item will expand one additional level in the complex value. Since this expands a potentially large number of values, you may experience a delay before the operation completes.
  • Collapse More -- When a complex data value is selected, this menu item will collapse its display by one additional level.
  • Watch by ... -- These items can be used to watch a debug data value over time, as described in Watching Values.
  • Force Reload -- This forces Wing IDE to reload the displayed value from the debug process. This is useful in cases where Wing is showing an evaluation error or when the debug program contains instances that implement __repr__ or similar special methods in a way that causes the value to change when subjected to repeated evaluation.

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