Filtering Value Display

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Values shown in the Stack Data tool that are not of interest during debugging may be omitted by type or name (for variables and dictionary keys) by setting the Debugger > Data Filters > Omit Types and Debugger > Data Filters > Omit Names preferences. By default, these omit display of classes, functions, methods, and some other types.

For Omit Types, if type(value).__name__ is found in the list then it is omitted from the display.

For Omit Names, if the variable name or dictionary key is found in the list then it is omitted from the display.

The Debugger > Data Filters > Do Not Expand preference can be used to tell the debugger to avoid all attempts at probing certain values, based on their data type. This is useful to avoid inspection of values that cause problems or crashing when handled by the debugger. For example, values defined in buggy extension modules may cause crashing of the debug process if the debugger invokes code that isn't normally executed. This preference is also respected during introspection of the runtime state for auto-completion and other features in the IDE.