Script-provided Add-on Commands

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Testwatch Script

Not documented

watch-zzaa ()

Not documented

watch-yy ()

Not documented

Steamtest Script

Not documented

dlgtest ()

Not documented

steam-test ()

Not documented

Pep8panel Script

PEP8 integration for Wing IDE.

pep8-execute (show_panel=True)

Execute pep8 for the current editor

pep8-package-execute (show_panel=True)

Execute pep8 on all files in the package to which the file in the current editor belongs

pep8-show-docs ()

Show the Wing IDE documentation section for the PEP 8 integration

Setuptools_panel Script

Setuptools integration for Wing IDE.

setuptools-build-in-place ()

Build in-place using Setuptools

setuptools-clean-all ()

Clean all files produced by setuptools_build_in_place

Setlinespacing Script

Not documented

Licdiag Script

Not documented

license-test ()

Not documented

Test Script

Not documented

Test2 Script

Not documented

test-arg-entry (text)

Not documented

Enctest Script

Not documented

check-encodings ()

Not documented

Testana Script

Not documented

anatest ()


Proj Script

Not documented

open-all-files ()

Not documented

Test3 Script

Not documented

generate-tests-for-class ()

Generate a test skeleton for the class at the current editor focus, open it side by side with the original source, and set up automatic navigation of the source being tested.

Abc Script

Not documented

abc-paste ()

Not documented

abc-fix ()

Not documented

Emacs Extensions Script

This file contains scripts that add emacs-like functionality not found in Wing's internal emacs support layer.

add-change-log-entry (user_name=None, email=None, changelog=None, changed_file=None, func=None, other_window=False, new_entry=False)

Add a change log entry Key Bindings: Emacs: Ctrl-X 4 A

Experimental Script

Experimental commands that may be removed from Wing in the future.

experimental-install-simple-names-callback (mtype, callback)

Install a callback for using a list of simple names for the autocomplete popup list for editors for the given mime type. This an experimental feature and may change in future releases. The callback needs to take 2 arguments: (internal-editor-object, ctx) and should return a list of strings to use for autocompletion. The ctx object will have the following attributes:

lineno -- line number of the line with the cursor cursor_pos -- position of the cursor in the document start_pos -- position of the word's first character in the document

Currently this cannot be used for python documents

An example of using this from a script is:

def _callback(ed, ctx):
  return ['one', 'two']

Editor Extensions Script

Editor extensions that also serve as examples for scripting Wing.

set-executable-bit (set_bit=True)

Set the current file's executable bit in its permissions. If set_bit is true (the default), the executable bit is set; if set_bit is false, the executable bit is cleared. This doesn't do anything on windows.

toggle-case ()

Toggle current selection or current word between common name formats: my_symbol_name, MySymbolName, and mySymbolName

under-to-hyphen ()

Change underscores to hyphens (dashes) in current selection or current word

fold-python-methods ()

Fold up all Python methods, expand all classes, and leave other fold points alone Key Bindings: Wing: Alt-1; Brief: Alt-1; Eclipse: Alt-1; Emacs: Alt-1; OS X: Command-Alt--; MATLAB: Alt-1; VI/VIM: Alt-1; Visual Studio: Alt-1; XCode: Command-Alt--

word-list-completion (word)

Provide simple word-list driven auto-completion on the current editor

open-url-from-editor ()

Open the url at caret in the current editor

kill-line-with-eol ()

Variant of emacs style kill-line command that always kills the eol characters

start-of-block ()

Not documented

upper-case ()

Change current selection or current word to all upper case Key Bindings: Eclipse: Ctrl-Shift-Y; MATLAB: Shift-Ctrl-U

smart-copy ()

Implement a variant of clipboard copy that copies the whole current line if there is no selection on the editor.

hyphen-to-under ()

Change hyphens (dashes) to underscores in current selection or current word

batch-search-current-directory ()

Initial batch search for the current editor's directory

lower-case ()

Change current selection or current word to all lower case Key Bindings: Eclipse: Ctrl-Shift-X; MATLAB: Ctrl-U

cc-checkout ()

Check the current file out of clearcase. This is best used with Wing configured to auto-reload unchanged files.

describe-key-briefly (key)

Display the commands that a key is bound to in the status area. Does not fully work for the vi binding.

insert-spaces-to-tab-stop (tab_size=0)

Insert spaces to reach the next tab stop (units of given tab size or editor's tab size if none is given)

vs-tab ()

Modified tab indentation command that acts like tab in Visual Studio.

vi-fold-more ()

Approximation of zr key binding in vim Key Bindings: VI/VIM: z r

fold-python-classes ()

Fold up all Python classes but leave other fold points alone Key Bindings: Wing: Alt-2; Brief: Alt-2; Eclipse: Alt-2; Emacs: Alt-2; OS X: Command-Ctrl-/; MATLAB: Alt-2; VI/VIM: Alt-2; Visual Studio: Alt-2; XCode: Command-Ctrl-/

vi-fold-less ()

Approximation of zm key binding in vim Key Bindings: VI/VIM: z m

indent-new-comment-line ()

Enter a newline, indent to match previous line and insert a comment character and a space. Assumes that auto-indent is enabled.

cursor-home ()

Bring cursor to start of line, to start of visible area, or to start of document each successive consecutive invocation of this command. Key Bindings: Brief: Home

open-filename-from-editor ()

Open the filename at the caret in current editor Key Bindings: MATLAB: Ctrl-D

open-clicked-url-from-editor ()

Open the url being clicked in the current editor

sort-selected ()

Sort selected lines of text alphabetically

search-python-docs ()

Do a search on the Python documentation for the selected text in the current editor

toggle-mark-command (style='char', select_right=0)

Change between text-marking and non-text-marking mode. Style is "char" for stream select, "block" for rectangular select, and "line" for line select. Set select_right=1 to select the character to right of the cursor when marking is toggled on. Key Bindings: Brief: Alt-L invokes toggle-mark-command(style="line")

delete-selected-lines ()

Delete the line or range of lines that contain the current selection. This duplicates what the editor command delete-line does. Key Bindings: Brief: Alt-D

insert-debug-print ()

Insert a print statement to print a selected variable name and value, along with the file and line number.

smart-cut ()

Implement a variant of clipboard cut that cuts the whole current line if there is no selection on the editor.

end-of-block ()

Not documented

smart-paste ()

A variant of paste that inserts line just copied with smart-copy above current line.

remove-prompts-and-paste ()

Paste from clipboard after removing any >>> and ... prompts

convert-to-lf-lineends ()

Convert the current editor to use LF style line endings

close-all-readonly ()

Close all readonly files

insert-text (text)

Insert given text at current caret location, replacing any existing selected text

convert-to-cr-lineends ()

Convert the current editor to use CR style line endings

cursor-end ()

Bring cursor to end of line, to end of visible area, or to end of document each successive consecutive invocation of this command. Key Bindings: Brief: End

title-case ()

Change current selection or current word to capitalize first letter of each word Key Bindings: Emacs: Alt-C

watch-selection ()

Add a debug watch for the selected text in the current editor

copy-filename-to-clipboard ()

Copy the filename for the currently selected file to the clipboard

comment-block-toggle ()

Toggle block comment (with ## at start) on the selected lines in editor. This is a different style of block commenting than Wing implements by default (the default in Wing is intended to work better with some of the other editor functionality) Key Bindings: Eclipse: Ctrl-/; MATLAB: Ctrl-T

surround (char)

Surround selected text with (), [], {}, "", '', <>, or ``. Arg char should be the opening character. If there is no selection, the current word is surrounded.

copy-reference (include_text=True)

Copy 'filename, lineno (scope)' optionally followed by the current line or selected lines to the clipboard. The scope is omitted if there isn't one or in a non-Python file.

open-clicked-filename-from-editor ()

Open the filename being clicked in the current editor

toggle-vertical-split ()

If editor is split, unsplit it and show the vertical tools panel. Otherwise, hide the vertical tools and split the editor left-right Assumes default windowing policy (combined toolbox & editor windows). Thanks to Jonathan March for this script.

convert-to-crlf-lineends ()

Convert the current editor to use CR + LF style line endings

fold-python-classes-and-defs ()

Fold up all Python classes, methods, and functions but leave other fold points alone Key Bindings: Wing: Alt-3; Brief: Alt-3; Eclipse: Alt-3; Emacs: Alt-3; OS X: Command-=; MATLAB: Alt-3; VI/VIM: Alt-3; Visual Studio: Alt-3; XCode: Command-=

toggle-toolbox-separate ()

Toggle between moving the toolboxes to a separate window and the default single-window mode

Testapi Script

Tests for Wing's scripting API.

test-api (verbose=0)

Test Wing's scripting API

Debugger Extensions Script

Scripts that extend the debugger in various ways.

debug-run-to-completion ()

Run the current debug process to completion. This disables all breakpoints temporarily until the process exits.

set-breaks-from-markers ()

Scan current file for markers in the form %BP% and places breakpoints on all lines where those markers are found. A conditional breakpoint can be set if a condition follows the marker, for example %BP%:x > 10. Removes all old breakpoints first.

Django Script

A plugin that provides Django-specific functionality when a project looks like it contains Django files.

django-sync-db ()

Run migrate (or syncdb in Django 1.6 and earlier)

django-sql (appname)

Run sql for given app name and display the output in a scratch buffer.

django-show-docs ()

Show documentation for using Wing and Django together

django-validate ()

Run check (or validate in Django 1.5 and earlier)

django-start-project (django_admin, parent_directory, site_name, superuser, superuser_email, superuser_password, pyexec=None)

Start a new Django project with given site name and superuser account. This will prompt for the location of, the parent directory, and the site name to use. It then runs startproject, edits fields DATABASE_ENGINE and DATABASE_NAME to use sqlite3 by default, adds django.contrib.admin to INSTALLED_APPS in, runs syncdb/migrate (creating superuser account if one was given), sets up the default admin templates by copying base_site.html into the project, and then offers to create a new project in Wing and run the django-setup-wing-project command to configure the Wing project for use with the new Django project.

django-run-tests-to-scratch-buffer ()

Run tests with output in a scratch buffer

django-setup-wing-project ()

Sets up a Wing project to work with an existing Django project. This assumes that you have already added files to the project so that your and files are in the project. It sets up the Python Executable project property, sets " runserver 8000" as the main entry point, sets up the Wing project environment by defining DJANGO_SITENAME and DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE, adds the site directory to the Python Path in the Wing project, turns on child process debugging (for auto-reload), enables template debugging in the file, ensures that the Template Debugging project property is enabled, sets up the unit testing framework and file patterns in project properties.

django-start-app (appname)

Start a new application within the current Django project and add it to the INSTALLED_APPS list in the project's file.

django-run-tests ()

Run unit tests in the Testing tool

django-migrate-app (appname)

Run makemigrations for given app name and display the output in a scratch buffer.

django-restart-shell ()

Show and restart the Python Shell tool, which works in the same environment as " shell". To show the tool without restarting it, use the Tools menu.

django-show-migrations ()

Run showmigrations and display the output in a scratch buffer.