Version Control Tool Panel

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The version control tool panel for the active version control system can be shown by selecting it from the Tools menu or as a side effect of selecting operations from any of the version control menus.

By default, the version control tool contains a Project Status view that shows the status operation applied to the entire project. It summarizes which files have been modified, and can also show unregistered files when the Show Unregistered option in the right-click context menu is enabled.

Note that the Project Status operates on files in the project, and thus requires that some files or directories managed by the active version control system have been added to the project.

Operations invoked for a version control system will also display a view within the version control tool. These views display the output from the external command run to implement the operation, any input parameters, and optionally the console output for the external command. The menu in the top left can be used to switch between operations or to return to the Project Status view. Clicking on the X icon closes the view for the current operation. Operations may also be cancelled and many may be run again using the buttons in the lower right.

The Options menu can be used to access the version control preferences, documentation, or a console that displays the version control invocations.