Project Test Files

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A subset of a project's files can automatically be included in the list of test files in the Testing tool. The set of files is specified by entering one or more Test file patterns fon the Testing tab of the Project Properties dialog (which can also be accessed using the Add Files from Project menu item.

Any file matching patterns specified here is considered to be a test file. The patterns can be applied to the full path of the test file. For example, the wildcard pattern internals*/*/test_*.py would match files named test_*.py in any directory below a directory with a name starting with internals. A similar approach works with regular expression style patterns. For details on the syntax for wildcards, see Wildcard Search Syntax. For details on the syntax for regular expressions, see Regular Expression Syntax in the Python documentation.

If this field is left empty then no project files will automatically be added to the Testing tool.

Automatically added files may not be removed from the project tool's list except by altering the set of wild cards in the Test file patterns project attribute.