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Wing Pro includes a Testing tool that provides a convenient way to run and debug unit tests written using the standard library's unittest module, doctest, pytest, nose, and the Django testing framework.


To add tests, use the Testing menu items. Tests can be added individually with Add Single File and Add Current File or can be added by applying a filter to the set of all files in the project, using Add Files from Project. For details on adding from the project, see Project Test Files.

The testing framework used by files is set through the Default Test Framework field on the Testing page of Project properties or the Test Framework field on the Testing page of File properties for individual test files.

To run tests, press the Run Tests button in the Testing tool, or use one of the items in the Testing menu. For details, see Running Tests.

While tests are running, a running man icon is shown next to the test(s) in the Testing tool's list.

After the tests have finished running, the status indicator for the test will turn into a green check or red cross, depending on whether the test failed or succeeded. Skipped tests are indicated with a blue arrow. Status indicators for each file will also be set to red or green depending on whether any test failed or not. Individual test nodes may be expanded to show any output generated by the test or any exception that occurred. Exceptions may be expanded to display tracebacks.


Double-clicking on any node or using the Goto Source option on the right-click popup menu in the testing tool's tree will display source code in the editor, if the source is available

Note that the File Filter field in the Testing tool can be used to subset the list of tests displayed in the tool. Restore it to blank or use the Clear item in its popup menu to see the entire lists of tests. This is a convenient way to find and focus on only those tests your are working on.

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