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Using Wing IDE with pygame

Wing IDE is an integrated development environment that can be used to write, test, and debug Python code that is written for pygame, an open source framework for game development with Python.. Wing provides auto-completion, call tips, a powerful debugger, and many other features that help you write, navigate, and understand Python code.

For more information on Wing IDE see the product overview. If you do not already have Wing IDE installed, download a free trial now.

This document contains only pygame-specific tips. To get started using Wing, refer to the tutorial in the Help menu in Wing and/or the Wing IDE Quickstart Guide.

Debugging pygame

You should be able to debug pygame code with Wing just by starting debug from the IDE. However, some versions of pygame running in full screen mode may not work properly and may crash Wing. If that is the case, use window mode instead while debugging.

This problem exists with other Python IDEs as well; we have not yet determined what the cause is and it appears to have been fixed in newer pygame versions.

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Using Wing IDE with pygame