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Using Wing IDE with IronPython

Wing IDE is an integrated development environment that speeds up the process of writing Python code with IronPython. Wing provides auto-completion, call tips, goto-definition, find uses, refactoring, unit testing, and many other features that help you navigate, understand, and write Python code.

For more information on Wing IDE see the product overview. If you do not already have Wing IDE installed, download a free trial now.

Project Configuration

For more information on setting up Wing IDE with IronPython, see IronPython and the Wing IDE: Using the Wing Python IDE with IronPython. This article provides a script to help with setting up auto-completion for the .NET framework, and some information on how to get Wing to execute your code in IronPython. It was written by Michael Foord, co-author of the book IronPython in Action.

The script the article refers to is now shipped with Wing; it's the src/wingutils/generate_pi.py file in the Wing IDE install directory.

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Using Wing IDE with IronPython