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The Stack Data debugger tool contains a popup menu for selecting thread (in multi-threaded processes) and accessing the current debug stack, a tree view area for browsing variable data in locals and globals, and a textual view area for inspecting large data values that are truncated on the tree display.

Value Display

Simple values, such as strings and numbers, and values with a short string representation, will be displayed in the value column of the tree view area.

Strings are always contained in "" (double quotes). Any value outside of quotes is a number or internally defined constant such as None or Ellipsis.

Integers can be displayed as decimal, hexadecimal, or octal, as controlled by the Integer Display Mode preference.

Complex values, such as instances, lists, and dictionaries, will be presented with an angle-bracketed type and memory address (for example, <dict 0x80ce388>) and can be expanded by clicking on the expansion indicator in the Variable column. The memory address uniquely identifies the construct. If you see the same address in two places, you are looking at two object references to the same instance.

If a complex value is short enough to be displayed in its entirety, the angle-bracketed form is replaced with its value, for example {'a': 'b'} for a small dictionary. These short complex values can still be expanded in the normal way.

Expanding Values

Upon expansion of complex data, the position or name of each sub-entry will be displayed in the Variable column, and the value of each entry (possibly also complex values) will be displayed in the Value column. Nested complex values can be expanded indefinitely, even if this results in the traversal of cycles of object references.

Once you expand an entry, the debugger will continue to present that entry expanded, even after you step further or restart the debug session. Expansion state is saved for the duration of your Wing session.

When the debugger encounters a long string, it will be truncated in the Value column. In this case, the full value of the string can be viewed in the textual display area at the bottom of the Stack Data tool, which is accessed by right-clicking on a value and selecting Show Detail. The contents of the detail area is updated when other items in the Stack Data tool are selected.

Opaque Data

Some data types, such as those defined only within C/C++ code, or those containing certain Python language internals, cannot be transferred over the network. These are denoted with Value entries in the form <opaque 0x80ce784> and cannot be expanded further. In Wing Pro you may be able to use the Debug Probe to access them (for example try typing dir(value)).

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