Filtering Value Display

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There are a number of ways in which the variable displays can be configured:

  • Wing lets you prune the variable display area by omitting all values by type, and variables or dictionary keys by name. This is done by setting the two preferences, Omit Types and Omit Names.
  • You can also tell Wing to avoid probing certain values by data type. This is useful to avoid attempting expansion of data values defined in buggy extension modules, which can lead to crashing of the debug process as the debugger invokes code that isn't normally executed. This preference is also respected during introspection of the runtime state for auto-completion and other features in the IDE. To add values to avoid, set preference Do Not Expand.
  • Wing provides control over size thresholds above which values are considered too large to move from the debug process into the variable display area. Values found to be too large are annotated as huge in the variable display area and cannot be expanded further. The data size thresholds are controlled with preferences Huge List Threshold and Huge String Threshold.
  • By default Wing will display small items on a single line in the variable display areas, even if they are complex types like lists and maps. The size threshold used for this is controlled with preference Line Threshold. If you want all values to be shown uniformly, this preference should be set to 0.