Python Shell Options

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The Options menu in the Python Shell contains some settings that control how the Python Shell works:

  • Wrap Lines causes the shell to wrap long output lines in the display
  • Pretty Print causes Wing to use Python's pprint module to format output
  • Enable Debugging controls whether code run in the Python Shell will be debugged
  • Enable Auto-completion controls whether Wing will show the auto-completer in the Python Shell
  • Filter history by entered prefix controls whether the history will be filtered by the string between the prompt an the cursor. If history is filtered and a is entered at the prompt, the up arrow will find the most recent history item starting with a
  • Evaluate Whole Lines causes Wing to round up the selection to the nearest line when evaluating selections, making it easier to select the desired range
  • Auto-restart when Evaluate File causes Wing to automatically restart the shell before evaluating a file, so that each evaluation is made within a clean new environment
  • Auto-restart when Switch Projects causes Wing to automatically restart the shell after switching projects, so that the shell environment will match the project's configuration
  • Prompt to Confirm Restart controls whether Wing will prompt before restarting the Python Shell
  • Launch Configuration (Wing Pro and Wing Personal only) allows selecting a defined launch configuration to use as the runtime environment for the Python Shell
  • Prompt on Stale Environment controls whether Wing will display a dialog indicating that the Python Shell is no longer using a Python environment that matches the configured environment